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Simple Solution for Undergarment Storage

February 16, 2016

Yesterday I mentioned that our closet has a lack of places to store miscellaneous items.

Though we have a dresser for tops and pants, I have never liked having my undergarments in a drawer. It’s harder for me to find what I need and I always have that issue where my socks get stuck on the drawer slider and then I am tugging away for a long time trying not to lose my religion as I dislodge the sock. Clearly I have some clothing struggles. 🙂

As I prefer to keep my undergarments elsewhere, I developed a system to use that allows me to easily gain access to each piece.

The system I use: the IKEA RĂ…SKOG utility cart.


Real life image.

This cart fits well under my summer tops and dresses. I have a shelf for scarves and bras, a shelf for tights and socks, and a shelf for scarves and underwear. I roll it out of my closet if need be to reach something or see something better. It is such a simple solution to being able to organize and access my items.

This is the cart that you see in a lot of home magazine posts and Pinterest photos. Often people use it for craft supplies, bathroom items, or a bar cart. It comes in cream, aqua, and gray and is $29.99. It is a really good solution and a really good buy.

Though I use it to store socks and more right now, I know I could reuse it elsewhere in the home. That’s a furniture piece I can get behind.

What storage solutions do you use in your home to make life just a little bit easier?