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Lyrical Art

February 22, 2016

Piggy-backing off of my February Mixed Tape post, I thought I’d talk about how you can take some of your favorite lyrics and add them to your home decor.

A while back I saw these oversized book pages on a Pinterest image.


Sugarboo Designs Book Art

The framed book pages come in various sizes up to 3 feet by 4 feet and there are many different page selections. They are made by Sugarboo Designs and are just really cool and unique.

They are unfortunately also out of my price range for the time being.

I super liked these prints. I wanted to recreate one for my own space but was lacking a wall space big enough for such a print.

I liked the dark look (seen above) with text and thought I could create a chalkboard on which to put some text.

Using a precut 2’x4′ chalkboard from Home Depot. For under ten dollars, It was a good size for the wall space I had available. I also purchase some oak molding to form a frame around the chalkboard, (roughly 12 feet).

I can’t really take credit for building the chalkboard/frame combo. My husband somehow managed to staple the chalkboard to the molding. How, I may never know.

When the chalkboard was finished, I looked around for my own book quote to etch onto it.

As I was originally enamored with the book page idea, I chose an excerpt from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. I liked the excerpt I chose and even put a page number at the bottom of the chalkboard.

Eventually, I decided to change the words on the chalkboard and chose some of my favorite lyrics for the board.

In the most current photo, I have lyrics from Kacey Musgraves Biscuit on the board. I love this song. I also really appreciate Kacey Musgraves’ music. Her lyrics are so descriptive and witty.


Each time I look at it, it brings me back to growing up in Kentucky. It depicts southern mannerisms and wording in many ways.

It’s just a little way that I like to add some of my current lyrical favorites to our space.

Authentic Music

Mixed Tape

February 19, 2016

I am no musician. I super struggle with rhythm and the dexterity required to play an instrument. I can’t even play an air guitar..I always strum in the wrong direction lol. Though no musician. I love music. I love the feelings that music draw out of us.

I remember watching The Holiday in my teens and thinking that the character Jack Black plays has the coolest job. He composes music for movies. How cool is that!?! To be able to give background to a storyboard seems just amazing. I would so love to do that if I had the skill.

My civilian equivalent of that job is making a mixed tape- or a playlist as the young kids call it- to depict the moods and moments of life.

So without further ado, here is my February 2016 “mix tape”

  1. Ophelia- The Lumineers
  2. Pillow talk- Zayn
  3. All Night Long- My Morning Jacket (I only listen to this on YouTube)
  4. Sweet By and By: Miranda Lambert
  5. With a Little Help From My Friends: Joe Cocker
  6. Cry to Me: Solomon Burke
  7. My Church: Maren Morris
  8. Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked: Lennon and Maisy Stella
  9. Darlin’: Houndstooth
  10. Don’t Let Me Down: The Chainsmokers
  11. Southern Girl: Amos Lee

I do tend to listen to the same songs over and over again until I get sick of them. So, you know, take this with that in mind. I also like to pull some oldies, some country, alternative, pop, etc. I am not music specific at all. I like it all- except jazz and death metal. I strongly dislike both of those genres in general.

What songs or artists would you recommend?