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January 16, 2017

It’s that time of year one things can feel a bit blah. The holidays are over and much of the country feels gloomy. With that in mind, here are some recent finds that could brighten up the season.

For the Home:

Anthropologie Swiss Dot Blanket (Source)

Anthropologie Wall Art (source)

H&M Ruffle Duvet Cover (source)


Joggers (source)

Leith Flounce Midi (source)

Old Navy Tercel Top (source)

Abercrombie Cold Shoulder Top (source)

Happy MLK day!


Classic Christmas Home Decor

November 18, 2016

A little Friday Festivity for you. As the Christmas season approaches, it can be fun to add a little seasonal pieces to home spaces. Particularly helpful – keeping some of these pieces more neutral so that they can extend into January and February.

Below are some great picks for a classic Christmas home style.



  1. Artificial Wreath 
  2. Copper Candle Holder
  3. Draper James Holiday Scent
  4. Cozy Pillows and here
  5. Truck and Tree Pillow
  6. Merry and Bright Plate
  7. Buffalo Check Stocking
  8. Angel 
  9. Tea light Candle Holder


Aesthetic DIY Home

DIY Peony Wall Art

June 1, 2016

It is no secret that I have a fondness for all things wall art. The right selection can make or break a space. The thing about wall art though is that it can be expensive.

I was checking out one of my favorite blogs the other day and above her daughter’s desk was this Lindsay Letter’s art canvas.



Isn’t the art just idk awesome?!? There are a variety of sizes on the Lindsay Letters site and I was so close to purchasing the piece….but then I also thought…”ehhh vacation is coming and that means expenses”.

So I set out to make my own art (inspired by Lindsay but you know different). I still HIGHLY recommend looking at Lindsay’s canvases and prints. She is super talented and I love her use of color.

Anyway back to the DIY Peony Art…here’s the materials I used:

  • A big ole canvas. I think it’s 24 by 36 or something like that. More or less it’s large. (These can be purchased at Michaels or Joann Fabric for about 15-25 bucks with a coupon.)
  • Lots of little acrylic paints in pink, green, gray, white, coral, yellow, brown, red.
  • Brushes. Mine are not full on artist quality but they also aren’t the plastic ones you buy for kids.

I had a photo of peonies that I saw online and used that as inspiration along with some peonies on our table. Here are some process photos:



I hated it at the above step. I was not digging it and wanted to throw in the towel.



I started to add in some detail colors and began to like it a little. And yes…I am the worst. I paint on top of our carpet. Risky risky.



Peonies meet peonies.


I added a lot of layers and a lot of white. I finally got to my “I’m done” point and this is the finished product:



Another view:



Overall, for about thirty dollars and a little sweat equity I would say it was worth trying to make something myself. It’s definitely unique to our home and brings in some of my favorite colors. Next step, building a frame around it!

What are projects that you’ve taken on yourself instead of purchasing? What are some of your favorite artists?

Aesthetic Home

Camel and White

May 14, 2016

As is typical, I was hunting for something else online and stumbled upon this darling Eliza J dress at Nordstrom.

I want to have a reason to purchase this dress. I desperately  do. However, in all reality, I do not.

The dress sparked more than just dress envy though. It made me think how nice camel and white look next to each other. It’s like an archaeological, safari meets chic color scheme.

Here is the dress that started it all. Isn’t it cute?



While I definitely believe camel and white or camel and cream can be a great combination for clothing, I also think it applies to home decor.

I am one of those firm believers that often the way we decorate our homes is similar to how we “decorate” ourselves. We either pull from a certain color scheme, genre, or look as we make decisions. It’s a comfort thing and an aesthetic thing. In other words, if you like a look it tends to carry over.

With that said, I like high contrasting colors that are traditional and modern. Naturally, I like camel and white.

Here are some images of how this look can be incorporated into a home design.



Pops of black or navy against cream and camel is also so great. Love it.

Then there’s my favorite: this sagey/ seafood green with whites and camels and blacks. Oh man. Just my favorite color scheme all in one.



Where can I get a chaise like that?

 camel and white

I created this little depiction of how I would carry out this color scheme in my own space…if you know I could convince the hubs to let me overhaul the current look. ;]

What do you think? That color schemes are you all about?

Aesthetic Home

Stores That Have Home Goods

May 13, 2016

A couple of years ago I was perusing home textiles online when I stumbled upon a couple of great things. Zara Home and HM home section.

Like manna from heaven.

These two brands have home goods and they are awesome.

Feast your eyes on some goods from the H&M line.


I like this quirky toucan.


Doesn’t the pillow below remind you of Lilly and summer?



The stripes. Classic. Inexpensive. In my checkout cart.





And of course some Zara Home favorites. Two different styles for sure but both very nice options.

I love the texture if this jute stool/ side table.





I love all things animal, tortoise-shell, etc. This frame is so classic.



The texture of this jacquard bedspread is beautiful. It’s such a lovely layering piece.





There you have it! These two stores are definitely sources for unique pieces. I love that not everyone realizes each brand has a home section. It’s like a special secret. :]

Aesthetic Home

May 7, 2016


This is a quick post to talk about how to pull colors from one another.

I recently took the photo in the photo above while on a dinner cruise along Lake Michigan. I love the color of the water in the image and bought a square glass frame to display the image.

When I was hunting around the apartment for wall space in which to display the image, I noticed my emerald green pillow. I thought to myself, “hey I wonder if these items may look good together because you know emerald and sea greens are all pretty together”.

I placed the frame on the wall and low and behold, the pillow color and image colors just pop next to each other. It was such a “duh” moment but one that I was super pleased about.

Now, I do realize I could have picked any wall space and just ummm moved my pillow, but alas…I didn’t think that way. Plus I like the pillow on that chair. So. There’s that.

Takeaway tip: Try to find pieces with similar colors and place them near each other (but not right up on each other) to make them pop!

Aesthetic Home

Dream House

April 24, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I love thinking about the possibility of exiting this apartment at some point in my life. I miss yard space and having a little more distance between me and my neighbor. #howmuchcantheyhear #ohman

When I allow myself to dream, I always always come back to a southern style home. Here are the things, if I had my choice, that I would like in a dream home.

  1. A front porch



I recently read an article in Country Living magazine about the art of porching. I love the idea of sitting out in the evening with a book or a drink and watching life happen. It’s kind of like a little oasis to observe the world from.

I do have an odd specification though. I do not ever want a wrap-around porch. They seem somehow like having a blind spot. I don’t like that.

2. A fireplace

 pretty fireplace


Okay. But could this room get any better. Look at that fireplace detail and the rustic touches. Then there’s the lucite table. So great.

I always had a fireplace in whatever house I lived in growing up. I think fireplaces allow for a place to gather and warmth. It’s a great and functional focal point as well.

3. A powder room

wallpaper powder room


I should mention I’m not partial to this specific wallpaper. I do want a powder room though because of wallpaper – in part. I want to be able to play with a pattern in a small space. I also just like that a guest has an easy access restroom available.

4. Good Natural Light

 natural lightSource

Is there anything better than a room that just gets an abundance of natural light? I love rooms that have large and well placed doors or windows that draw the light in.

So there you have it. My top four wishes for a dream house? What are yours?

Aesthetic DIY Home

A Handy Pinterest …On Hand

March 1, 2016

When I discovered Pinterest during my junior year of college shit got real. I shamelessly or shamefully (you decide) spent just a little too much time on various boards. I loved seeing what my friends were into and pinning images that inspired me. Then Pinterest stopped showing me friends stuff as much and started filling my feed with “suggested items”. Not bad, but less personal…and a wee bit creepy at times.  #notlookingupabexercisesanymore

Though I super enjoy Pinterest, I also love flipping through a magazine and coming across something I just love. I old style rip out that page and “pin” it to my board. I don’t have a cork board though, I have a binder.

My binder is awesome.

It holds a bunch of images that have been hole-punched that I can refer back to. It also holds images that sometimes you cannot find on Pinterest. I have home images, home improvement tips and tricks, and home buying guides in my binder.

This thing is so handy to have around because it allows you a simplified look at what really catches your eye…not temporarily but long-term (enough that you have to tear out the image, clean up the frayed edges, and hole-punch).


What tips and tricks would you offer for keeping all your home decorating tips on hand?


Aesthetic Home

Picks from Ballard

February 25, 2016

Ballard Designs is one of those stores I didn’t really know about until my early twenties. I lived in an isolated world where home decor could only come from Pottery Barn (which I still love) or HomeGoods. While I very much like both of those places, one of my new favorites is Ballard. Ballard has a fun mix of classic and trendy. There are a ton of prints, feminine elements, and pieces that can layered in the home.

Here are a few of my current favorites.


Trestle Hitop

HiTop Trestle Table

I mean come on, this table shouldn’t be allowed! It is so cute. The high-top coupled with the rustic design make me so happy. If I ever had a space that allowed for this type of table, I would buy it in a heartbeat…after saving my pennies of course. Those stools are fantastic as well.


Ballard Etagere

I want an etagere so badly. I have absolutely no need for one (or space for that matter), but I think they add instant elegance to a space. This one also happens to be on sale!

antelope rug

Antelope Rug

Some of my pals may know that I have a faux-deerhide tote from Barrington Gifts. It’s vinyl and an optical illusion. I love that bag because it’s a neutral in its own right. This rug reminds me of the bag. Though it mimics an antelope’s fur, it is natural and can blend with so many other colors and patterns.

rattan scallop

Scallop Rattan Basket

I don’t have an extra $150 bucks for a basket, but if I did…

This basket is so darling and classic.

metal shades

Metal Shades

One of the biggest things I have noticed while watching home decor shows or looking at Pinterest images is that lighting can make or break a space. These pendant covers are super cute and fun for a variety of spaces (kitchen, laundry room, office). As the shape is classic, I think they would work with a space for ages.

So there are my favorites from Ballard Designs. Such great items if you are looking to add some flair to your space.

Aesthetic DIY Home Music

Lyrical Art

February 22, 2016

Piggy-backing off of my February Mixed Tape post, I thought I’d talk about how you can take some of your favorite lyrics and add them to your home decor.

A while back I saw these oversized book pages on a Pinterest image.


Sugarboo Designs Book Art

The framed book pages come in various sizes up to 3 feet by 4 feet and there are many different page selections. They are made by Sugarboo Designs and are just really cool and unique.

They are unfortunately also out of my price range for the time being.

I super liked these prints. I wanted to recreate one for my own space but was lacking a wall space big enough for such a print.

I liked the dark look (seen above) with text and thought I could create a chalkboard on which to put some text.

Using a precut 2’x4′ chalkboard from Home Depot. For under ten dollars, It was a good size for the wall space I had available. I also purchase some oak molding to form a frame around the chalkboard, (roughly 12 feet).

I can’t really take credit for building the chalkboard/frame combo. My husband somehow managed to staple the chalkboard to the molding. How, I may never know.

When the chalkboard was finished, I looked around for my own book quote to etch onto it.

As I was originally enamored with the book page idea, I chose an excerpt from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. I liked the excerpt I chose and even put a page number at the bottom of the chalkboard.

Eventually, I decided to change the words on the chalkboard and chose some of my favorite lyrics for the board.

In the most current photo, I have lyrics from Kacey Musgraves Biscuit on the board. I love this song. I also really appreciate Kacey Musgraves’ music. Her lyrics are so descriptive and witty.


Each time I look at it, it brings me back to growing up in Kentucky. It depicts southern mannerisms and wording in many ways.

It’s just a little way that I like to add some of my current lyrical favorites to our space.