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From the Mouths of Babe

April 5, 2016

You all. I just can’t even.

I’ve been watching kiddos for a long time now and the things that come out are just too great. It’s probably one of those situationally funny things, but for the sake of sharing, I must tell you the recent funnies.

Me: Do you still like that Shakira song best?

Kid (3yrs): Yes.

Me: How are you feeling about our girl Taylor Swift?

Yes: (Deadpan) She’s amazing.


Kid: Ewwwwwww.

Picks up a waffle fry but like a butt fry.

Kid: Here. You eat it Miss Meaghan.

Waits expectantly.

Me: Shake your booty, shake your booty (while dancing the fry around)

Kid: Miss Meaghan..just eat the butt.


Kid: Peeeeyoouuuu

Takes her stuffed animal and places the arm over the nose area

Me: What’s your bunny smelling?

Kid: The food I’m not going to eat.

-Bahahahhaha, well played


Me: Look! It’s just like Miss Meaghan!

I point to a panda bear because you know, white skin, black hair, dark circles around my eyes from tiredness.

Kid: Hmmmm

Looks at the panda.

K: Nope

Me: What do you mean nope?

Kid: You don’t have hairy ears. You aren’t a panda.

-I love that she really was evaluating if I WAS in fact a panda bear.


Me: Tell me your stuffed animals names.

Kid: This one is Monty. This one is “I Love Lucy”. This one is ….”Maury”.

Me: Do you know the paternity of all three stuffed animals?

Kid: Blank expression.

-I just couldn’t not with Maury as a name.

I am continually blown away by how serious and yet sweetly funny the things kids say are. I wish I could take photos of all the scenarios in which these conversations occur.

What makes you chuckle?


Movie Review: Sisters

March 21, 2016

You all. I rarely talk about current movies. It’s not that I haven’t seen any, it’s that I rarely like any. I miss the days of lighthearted movies that occurred in the nineties and early two-thousands. Movies can be such downers these days. So when I offer up a movie I like- it means I genuinely like it and would recommend it.



The most recent movie to recommend: Sisters.

I know. I am a solid three months behind in seeing this, but it just made its way to Apple movies.

If you haven’t seen Sisters please do. Not around kids mind you, but for sure watch it. I’ve already shared my love for Amy Poehler, but I also super enjoy Tina Fey. The combo makes for a good time.

The nice thing about this movie is that it has both blatant humor and more subtle humor that you have to know the allusions to to fully get. Once you do understand the humor, it’s even more chuckle worthy. It also has a happy ending. This is a huge selling point in my mind. I LIKE happy endings- and so what- that’s the enjoyment factor of the movie.

Sisters. Go see it. If you have a sister, watch it together.


Alter Ego

February 4, 2016

My brother-in-law is introduced us to Parks and Recreation a few years ago. It no longer airs, but we still watch it regularly on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it…stop what you are doing and go now and watch it. There’s various types of humor and personalities in the show and it’s really great.

Without giving too much away, there is a character on the show named Ron Swanson. Ron may be may favorite person that isn’t real per say. He’s the director of the Parks Department and is unapologetically a man who believes in beef, privacy, and not wasting taxpayers money, (but also not having to interact with taxpayers).



 The thing about Ron is that he hides an alternate ego from his coworkers. Eventually they figure it out, but until that time he is hush hush about his Saxophone playing ego “Duke Silver”.

duke silver


He is a smooth, soulful, romantic jazz saxophonist. It is the perfect juxtaposition to his normal manly life. Here is a quote about Duke, “I heard he makes mature woman swoon when he plays” -April Ludgate

As I was watching Parks and Recreation the other night I started to think about what my alternate ego would be. Today, I’m going to share the most ridiculous alternate identity that I could come up with for me.

So here it goes. The complete opposite of me. Perhaps there’s a subset of my personality that exists in this but it’s very unlikely that this would ever occur.

Ladies and gents, my alternate ego would be a principal that dressed in all pink named Ms. Joy. Joy would be the last name just to clarify. Ms. Joy would be kind of like Ms. Perky from 10 Things I Hate About You. She would speak to the kids that came into her office in a cool, nonchalant manner but then spend her side life dealing with “the stress of it all” by enjoying a vape. To be fair I don’t know if that’s really the wording for that activity. I’m just guessing.

In later life, she would audition for The Real World cast, (does that show even exist anymore??). The producers would be lax and let her on the Cleveland season…or something like that where she happens to already live. She’d be really into the drama and purposefully eat other peoples’ food out of the communal refrigerator. It’d be great.

This is what I could come up with to entertain myself on a Saturday night after grocery shopping #oldmarriedfartproblems .

The fact is, I like my life. I think I have a very sweet guy by my side and have more things to explore. Though Ms. Joy sounds like a character…she isn’t any Duke Silver. Though I imagine she would swoon to his groovy tunes. 😉

Amusement Authentic

Where are they now?

January 22, 2016

There are some shows that I firmly believe should have never stopped filming. The list includes Gilmore GirlsParenthood, and Legends of the Hidden Temple.

The first two shows can be viewed via DVD collection sets or Netflix, but Legends, well that gem is limited to a few YouTube segments.

Remember this handsome face?



As a three-year-old, LOTHT for short, was so cool. There were these tweens that faced off against time to complete a maze. The maze was tricky and tough. You had to push buttons to move false walls and climb through holes. It was serious stuff.

As the tweens named, “Josh” or”Amanda” (those were popular names at the time) raced through the maze, Nintendo-like music played in the background. Clearly this created a sense of urgency for the participants.

Additionally, there was this host that would talk through the maze process. The encouragement he gave these kids was so lackluster. Garbed in a fly fisherman shirt tucked into cargo khaki shorts…I’m pretty sure this guy left Nickolodeon’s filming studio in an alter ego of black tee and sunglasses.

While this show no longer exists, it has managed to haunt my dreams. That’s right. From the age of three I have had dreams of running this maze while the ancient indigenous people steal my life medallions. I also dream of putting together a silver monkey (in the correct order mind you). I’d ask Nickelodeon to bring back this show, but I’m pretty sure it already exists in the form of  American Ninja Warrior.

Perhaps the real take away from this is how great parents of the 90’s were. I was allowed to watch this show with my older and cooler sister. She and I both know how to critically think through stressful situations because of this show. Thus, this show is clearly great.

Next Christmas: I’m making my sister wear these with me:


image.skreened-t-shirt.heathered-kelly-green.w460h520b3z1Shirt Via

If you’re feeling nostalgic or don’t remember LOTHT click here . And yes. Yes I did watch this entire video.

What childhood show would you bring back?