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May 31, 2016

I’ve got a lot of good stuff coming. Since school is out until August, I have quite a few projects and trips planned. That means more interesting reads to come. Until then, I wanted to update on some recent reads.

house on trad






return to tradd


You all. This series pretty much won all the heart eyed emojis. The books are set in Charleston, SC and have some of that southern flair. The main character is able to see and hear ghosts which helps her solve mysteries about properties and families. It’s great. There’s also a love interest portion of the story only adding to the likability. If you like mysteries and southernisms, I would highly recommend these books. I first heard about them here. (Side note – you should definitely read Jenna’s blog…it is hilarious and honest and I just wish I lived in Chattanooga to be her friend.)



May 17, 2016

Have you ever noticed this classic Pendleton pattern in home images of rustic cabins? Pendleton is one of those classic brands that creates quality products such as wool blankets, bags, and shirts.

I love seeing the same Pendleton pattern in images of cabins because it reminds me of nostalgic family and adventure times.

Here’s how this pattern has carried over to other products.


A tote:



Pendleton Tote

A beach towel:


Pendleton Beach Towel

Another tote from a different brand but similar pattern:



The look is so simple and colorful all at the same time.


Jeep Wagoneer

May 16, 2016

Do you all remember Homeward Bound? Not only is that one of the quintessential movies from my childhood, but so many things in my life link back to that film.

For example: every time I see a golden retriever I think “Shadow” or any time I think of porcupine quills (because obviously this thought occurs frequently) I think “poor Chance”.

Then there’s the car. You know the one. The Jeep Cherokee with wood panelling….that looks like the magnificent wagoneer. Here’s a quick fact you need to know about me…I am obsessed with the Jeep Wagoneer. I cannot help it. I LOVE that wood panel, boxy thing it has going on.

Other things I love. Accessories or decor with wagoneer images associated. I can’t even.



Crab and Cleek has the coolest totes. The totes have pineapples or flamingos on them. There are some with thermos images on them and crabs and more. I wish I didn’t already have a giant tote because I would be all over this.


Erin Vaughan Etsy Print

Actually, while you are there check out Erin Vaughan’s entire shop. It has the cutest and most charming illustrations.

What things really charm you? What pictures or prints make you go “I must have that”? :]

Aesthetic Home

Camel and White

May 14, 2016

As is typical, I was hunting for something else online and stumbled upon this darling Eliza J dress at Nordstrom.

I want to have a reason to purchase this dress. I desperately  do. However, in all reality, I do not.

The dress sparked more than just dress envy though. It made me think how nice camel and white look next to each other. It’s like an archaeological, safari meets chic color scheme.

Here is the dress that started it all. Isn’t it cute?



While I definitely believe camel and white or camel and cream can be a great combination for clothing, I also think it applies to home decor.

I am one of those firm believers that often the way we decorate our homes is similar to how we “decorate” ourselves. We either pull from a certain color scheme, genre, or look as we make decisions. It’s a comfort thing and an aesthetic thing. In other words, if you like a look it tends to carry over.

With that said, I like high contrasting colors that are traditional and modern. Naturally, I like camel and white.

Here are some images of how this look can be incorporated into a home design.



Pops of black or navy against cream and camel is also so great. Love it.

Then there’s my favorite: this sagey/ seafood green with whites and camels and blacks. Oh man. Just my favorite color scheme all in one.



Where can I get a chaise like that?

 camel and white

I created this little depiction of how I would carry out this color scheme in my own space…if you know I could convince the hubs to let me overhaul the current look. ;]

What do you think? That color schemes are you all about?

Aesthetic Home

Stores That Have Home Goods

May 13, 2016

A couple of years ago I was perusing home textiles online when I stumbled upon a couple of great things. Zara Home and HM home section.

Like manna from heaven.

These two brands have home goods and they are awesome.

Feast your eyes on some goods from the H&M line.


I like this quirky toucan.


Doesn’t the pillow below remind you of Lilly and summer?



The stripes. Classic. Inexpensive. In my checkout cart.





And of course some Zara Home favorites. Two different styles for sure but both very nice options.

I love the texture if this jute stool/ side table.





I love all things animal, tortoise-shell, etc. This frame is so classic.



The texture of this jacquard bedspread is beautiful. It’s such a lovely layering piece.





There you have it! These two stores are definitely sources for unique pieces. I love that not everyone realizes each brand has a home section. It’s like a special secret. :]

Aesthetic Home

May 7, 2016


This is a quick post to talk about how to pull colors from one another.

I recently took the photo in the photo above while on a dinner cruise along Lake Michigan. I love the color of the water in the image and bought a square glass frame to display the image.

When I was hunting around the apartment for wall space in which to display the image, I noticed my emerald green pillow. I thought to myself, “hey I wonder if these items may look good together because you know emerald and sea greens are all pretty together”.

I placed the frame on the wall and low and behold, the pillow color and image colors just pop next to each other. It was such a “duh” moment but one that I was super pleased about.

Now, I do realize I could have picked any wall space and just ummm moved my pillow, but alas…I didn’t think that way. Plus I like the pillow on that chair. So. There’s that.

Takeaway tip: Try to find pieces with similar colors and place them near each other (but not right up on each other) to make them pop!


There’s More to a Gift

May 6, 2016


Hey hey. So it’s that time of year: Wedding season and Mother’s Day season.

While the gifts for these days can in and of themselves be important or special, there is another area where you can go above and beyond to let the special people in your life know you care.

That’s right. Gift wrap. While any gesture you make is wonderful, I think adding nice gift wrap to your item takes your giving a step further. It’s a sweet way to say, “I wanted this to be something you like and something pretty to open”.

This flamingo gift wrap was a recent pick, as in today, from Homegoods. The brand is Market Street Paper Co.

*Sidenote- the texture is amazing. I’ve never felt paper I like more. Is that weird?