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June 14, 2016



Alright. So I have a big fat confession to make. I could not stop thinking about this book.

I even shushed my husband during it like it was a television show or something.

No shame.

This book was thoroughly enjoyable. While there were some plot holes and a couple of moments where it was like “Where the hell is the other main character?????” it kept you reading.

A brief description of this book:

Bet Porter is an American exchange student at Oxford. She happens to get placed in the same small dorm as His Royal Highness, Prince Nicholas of Wales. The two hit it off and a budding romance emerges. Along with the ins-and-outs of their relationship are the trials they face maintaining privacy and learning how to  progress the relationship.

Along with the actual romance, there is a cast of supporting characters such as Bex’s twin sister, Lacey, a more attention seeking individual. There is also Prince Freddie, a Prince Harry type, who enjoys a good time and pretty girls. While these two help make up a lot of the story, they are not alone. The friend group that Bex and Nick have from Oxford also play a key role in their relationship. A bunch of lovable and human characters in this group.

While I personally really really enjoyed this book, I will warn you that if you are a stickler for accuracy in royal details or whatever that this may not be for you. Additionally, it has to be read without a Kate and Will thing in mind because while similar it isn’t their story you know?

But overall, I would Highly recommend this book.

Oh and PS – Lauren Graham (that’s right Lorelei or Sarah Braverman) and Mae Whitman are turning this bad boy into a movie. Winner winner chicken dinner.

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