Highlands NC and Dry Falls NC

August 1, 2016

IMG_20160624_1231147_rewind When we headed down to Greenville last month, I planned for a side journey to the Highlands, NC area. I had read and seen many beautiful wedding photos set in Highlands, specifically at Old Edwards Inn, and was dying to see the small town in person.

Let me start first with the journey to Highlands. We came from Greenville thru the mountains and wound up and down steep mountainsides to visit. How does one describe being in absolute awe but being terrified at the same time? Heights y’all. The drive, while slightly terrifying, was so beautiful. Everywhere you turned was just encased in pretty.

Before going to Highlands, we traveled a bit past to Dry Falls, NC. Dry Falls is a waterfall located in the state park system. You can look at these beautiful falls from afar, or hike (as in stroll) to the falls and stand under them. My sister had gone here last summer while expecting a baby and I figured if she could do it then we certainly could.

When we arrived, we “hiked” down to the falls… I looked so silly in my Kavu backpack. I full on thought it would be a trek. Anyway…

The falls were beautiful.







Just really doable and really pretty. We putzed around the area for about 20 minutes and then headed toward Highlands.

Upon arriving in Highlands, I could easily see why anyone would want to get married there – it’s charming and beautiful. While I really don’t have any photos from in town (or they are all awkward turtle cellphone shots), I do have recommendations of cool shops to look at.

My favorite – Bardo 

Everything in the shop was gorgeous and tasteful.

Additionally, Dutchman’s Designs was another great home store.

A couple things about Highlands, it is fairly touristy and there are a lot of shops that cater to that. The nice thing about the tourist thing – the salespeople are fairly friendly. Highlands also has the cutest and coolest churches around. There was one with a Joanna Gaines vibe and I was so tried to take photos.


While Highlands was certainly a cute town, we did not stay the night and instead headed on toward Asheville, NC.

Stay tuned for an Asheville area recap!

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