Chimney Rock, NC

August 4, 2016


One of the things I really like to do when traveling is to take side trips to great scenic venues.

Our most recent vacation to Asheville was a tough one for us. While I wanted to love it, we ended up feeling somehow misplaced in Asheville and so left a day early. Yep.

As we left, we took one of the scenic detours to Chimney Rock.

Chimney Rock is one of those cool attractions not too far from Asheville. It’s maybe an hour or so outside of Asheville. You drive through a lot of small towns to access the area and it’s just cool to see so many new places along the way.

Once at the Chimney Rock park entrance, we paid about thirty bucks for an entry fee. While this is kind of steep, the fee gives you access to different trails, a play area, and of course the giant Chimney Rock.

Typically, there is an elevator that takes you part of the way up the cliffside to the “Chimney” but unfortunately it was out. So we took every single stair. Let me tell you, my bum looked great that day!

Along the way, there are different stopping points. This allowed us to catch ur breath and to take in the views. It was very foggy but also just incredible.

We continued to the top little by little.

Once there we got a view of the entire county. It was so impressive and honestly the photos don’t do it justice.


Can you imagine building and traversing such a high cliff sans stairs? Woof.



All in, the hike up took us about 15 to twenty minutes with stops. It wasn’t too bad and was well worth the view  and the commemorative magnet I brought home from the adventure.

Facts to know about Chimney Rock:

  • Website and hours of operation here.
  • About 55 minutes to 1 hr and ten minutes from Asheville
  • Gift Shop and Visitors Shop at Trail base
  • Sky Lounge Deli halfway up the trail
  • Nature stops detailing birds and bats of the area
  • Camp grounds and small town shops nearby

If in the Asheville or Greenville area I would recommend a track to Chimney Rock. I can’t imagine how beautiful it would be in the fall.

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