Blue Ridge Parkway

August 3, 2016

During our Asheville trip I informed the husband that he needed to pick an activity to do.

His pick: The Blue Ridge Parkway and an associated trail.

My pick: Getting Doughnuts prior to our journey.


Prior to setting off on our daily adventure, we enjoyed our daily bread at Vortex Doughnuts.

Vortex has both yeast and cake doughnuts and the prettiest lattes.

I had read about Vortex on a trip forum and added it to our list.

I woke my husband up at 6:50am – on vacation – and we headed over to the shop. Located in a slightly industrial setting, the shop has an industrial feel with cool accents such as velociraptor and triceratops artwork. I cannot make this stuff up. The accents fit the vibe perfectly though.

We looked at the doughnuts for a couple of minutes and had the chocolate yeast and salted caramel cake doughnuts. They were so so good and I in my semi-gluten-free state was in a food coma.

Once full, we began our drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The parkway begins right outside of town and continues for miles and miles. We traveled about 13 miles of the parkway up to the Craggy Gardens trail. This trail begins right after the visitors center and is a short and easy hike. Again, we thought it would be strenuous and it was not too bad at all. On the guide it is an “easy” hike at 1.2 miles.

The drive up was lovely and the trail was a nice way to start our day.


It’s like hiking in heaven.


Again, how in the world do these tunnels and roads happen!?


The Craggy Gardens lower view below.


The view from the top.






I’m a sucker for wildlife and flowers.


Can you imagine this place in the fall? Unreal.

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