The Biltmore Estates

August 8, 2016

Many people associate Asheville with one of its most visited areas – The Biltmore Estates.

Completed in time for Christmas 1895, the construction of the largest home in America took approximately 7 years and housed generations of Vanderbilts and Cecils.

This estate, and truly it is that, has a large home with 250 rooms, a vineyard and winery, grounds for horseback riding, and even an inn and hotel. It is huge.

To give you a bit of perspective, this is the view of the estate (mind you a hazy bus view).


This is even a cut off view!

Our visit started midday on a Saturday. Warning, Saturdays are very busy at the Biltmore. We bought house tickets ahead of time online and picked them up at will-call. You can print your tickets though.

We bought tickets for a specific entrance time as the star tries to stagger the amount of people in the home at one time. Despite an entrance time, it was still extraordinarily busy within the home.

We started our visit at the estate’s winery. Along with our entrance tickets came a wine tasting. While we are not big wine people, it was a nice addition to our visit and a way to see more of the grounds. The winery has great selections and most are available on site for visitors to purchase. The wine can also be shipped to your home.

Following the visit to the winery, we parked in the main lot and hopped a bus for a short ride to the estate home. Once there we had our tickets scanned at the main entrance and followed a self-guided tour.

The self-guided tour was perfect for our attention span although we missed things because we felt the pressure to move so fast through the house. Self-imposed pressure and lots of people which made us want to move through.

*Note: There are fans blowing through the house in the summer but no AC blasting or anything. I did not expect this and thus kind of wanted to be finished sooner than I would have otherwise wanted. I imagine this is a non-issue in other seasons.

Some of the coolest things we saw were an indoor pool and bowling alley. Additionally, can you imagine dining at this table?!? Oh man. It’s like Downton Abbey meets where does one buy a dress for that?


Don’t even get me started on the floor.

There were also so many sitting and game rooms. You could hide from people for hours #goals.

The main staircase is also incredible. Here is an outdoor shot of the staircase windows.


I am apparently in the wrong business.

In addition to the beautiful home, there are beautiful gardens on the grounds and a lovely conservatory.




So pretty and extensive.


You know I love my blooms.


Side view of the home.


The home and grounds were lovely. In addition to these features, there is also a carriage house area where there are gift stores and eateries. It was super busy during our visit but it was so picturesque and pretty.

The only downside… their magnet game was lame. Yep. I said it. I love my vacation magnets and it just wasn’t happening at the Biltmore.

What questions do you have about the Biltmore?

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