Louis & Elm is a place to discover authenticity, aesthetics, and adventure.

The concept of Louis and Elm comes from my past and my present. So much of what I share and what inspires me is deeply rooted in growing up in Louisville, KY. My family, mentors, and many of my friends still live there. They inspire me and inspire much of the content I write about. This is where “Louis” comes from.

Along with my roots come my new beginnings in Elmhurst, a little town outside of Chicago. I moved here after getting married and am growing in many ways from being here. I am learning about midwestern and big city – from a distance- living and can’t wait to share those adventures as well. Thus- “Elm”.

Most of all, Louis & Elm focuses on authenticity, aesthetics, and adventure. There is so much to be gained from sharing honestly about experiences and from recognizing risk and beauty in the every day.